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Change Compass

Become a Change Agent (CC02)

Positively influencing others, and quickly bringing about beneficial change that is long-lasting, is a life skill that is necessary for almost all situations. If you have not been able to achieve this, either at work or at home, the Change Agent Program will show you the way.

The Change Craft Change Agent Program is a crash course in behavior change and engagement. It is designed to help individuals create positive habits, crowd out habits that are harmful and become a “spark plug” for co-workers (and friends and family, too).

This program is a quick 20 days! The education and activities presented in this guide are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle. Habits are practiced regularly....so get into the spirit right away and complete the daily activities.
  • Welcome!
  • Introduction to the Change Agent Program
  • Change Agent Programme Information
  • Course structure
  • Change Agents are CHAMPIONS
  • Learning about you
  • THE SELF CONTEXT - 1.25 hours
  • The Self - Start With Why
  • The Influence of Social Networks
  • Christakis + Fowler Paper on Social Contagion and Smoking
  • Watch the VIDEO demonstrating Social Contagion and Quitting Smoking
  • The Self - Fixed vs Growth Mindset
  • Reframing Challenge
  • The Self - Steps to Success
  • The Steps to Success - Breaking It Down
  • The Self - Aim for Mastery
  • The Most Successful People Practice Better, Not More
  • Review your Strengths and Skills
  • Complete your Change Agent Assessment
  • THE SPACES CONTEXT - 1.25 hours
  • Become A Change Agent Recap
  • Welcome to SPACES
  • Find your buddy
  • Spaces - The Well Workplace
  • Well Workspace Scavenger Hunt Exercise
  • Spaces - Keep Healthy Options Close
  • Spaces - Read Keep Healthy Options Close Summary
  • Buddy Discussion
  • Make it difficult not to change
  • Spaces - Use Gravity!
  • The Power of Stories
  • Pixar Storytelling Rules #1: Finding Ideas
  • Task: Finding Stories in Wait Zones
  • Buddy Assist
  • THE SYSTEMS CONTEXT - 1.25 hours
  • Recap on learning in SELF and SPACES
  • Systems Question
  • Systems - Reinforce Written Policies
  • Systems - Reinforce Written Policies
  • Policy Do-over
  • Recap Quiz
  • Systems - Recognize and Appreciate
  • Recognition Failure to Success
  • Systems - Recognize and Appreciate Summary
  • Systems - Reinforcing Actions
  • Practicing Reinforcement
  • THE SOCIAL CONTEXT - 1.25 hour
  • Social - Rewrite the Hero Archetype
  • Your Current Hero Archetype
  • Social - Hero-off
  • Social - Rewrite the Hero Archetype Summary
  • Social - At the Heart of Change
  • Social - Start a movement!
  • Be a First Follower
  • Social - How Much Coworker Socializing Is Good For Your Career?
  • Social - Prepare to Invite Others
  • Create Your Story
  • Start Today
  • Finding more Change Agents!
  • Time to Share your Journey
  • Recap 1
  • Recap 2
  • Recap 3
  • Recap 4
  • Thank those who inspired you!
  • Course feedback
  • Step up!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever